17 Dec 2017

My Winter Skincare Routine


It finally feels like winter here in New York and boy do I feel it in my skin. My one main skin challenge throughout the year is dry skin so when the cold winter temperatures finally hit, my skin feels even more dry! I try extra hard during these winter months to keep my skin hydrated. Today I’ve rounded up a few of my key winter skincare favorites I’ve been using on repeat these past few weeks.


  1. Cuadalie Serum: This is one product I’ve been using for years. I’m a huge fan of the entire Caudalie product line but their serums in particular during the winter months enhance the brightness of my skin and also  reduce blemishes caused by the wind.
  2. Chuda Sheer Hydrating Lotion & Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream: Chuda is a new-to-me skincare brand that was introduced to me earlier this year. I can’t recommend both of these products enough. I wear the Sheer Hydrating Lotion with SPF 30 during the day and the Hydrating Cream at night. It’s amazing how moisturizing the hydrating cream is – I noticed a difference even after the first wear.
  3. La Mer Moisturizing Cream: I’m sure you’ve heard by now but this moisturizing cream is a game changer. If you battle dry skin during the winter, La Mer’s moisturizing cream is a must-add to your winter skincare routine.
  4. Ta Ta Harper Regenerating Cleanser & Volumizing Lip/Cheek Tint: My friend Amy introduced me to the Ta Ta Harper regenerating cleanser and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s gentle on my skin, reduces the look of pores and leaves my skin glowing – perfect for these cold winter months! The lip/cheek tint is also a winter skincare must – I’ve been opting for a more natural look during maw work week so I love this product to give my lips and cheeks a little color.
  5. RMS Magic Beauty Luminizer: Everyone is talking about RMS beauty right now. It’s a natural, organic beauty line with a cult-like following. If there’s one product you must buy from this line is the magic luminizer. I personally love it to give my cheeks a healthy glow – again, great for achieving a natural look!
  6. The NuFace Mini: I recently got a facial at Great Jones Spa where the aesthetician introduced me to the NuFace Mini, an at-home micro current device that helps with the collagen reproduction. I’ve been recommending this product to everyone who’s interested in hearing about it. They recently introduced a body product that’s great to help reduce the look of cellulite! Microcurrent mimics this natural current and goes beyond skin deep to tone facial muscles while improving contour and skin tone, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  7. Charlotte Tilsberry Sheet Mask: I use a sheet mask every single week during the winter – it’s one of the easiest ways to keep your skin hydrated during the winter. I use everything from Charlotte Tilsberry to Sephora’s face mask collection.

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