21 Jan 2015

Coffee Talk With Grace Atwood of The Stripe

Hello, lovely ladies! Happy Wednesday. Isn’t it so awesome we’re already half way through the week?

Today I’m excited to share my latest Coffee Talk feature with my gal pal, Grace Atwood! I met Grace about a year ago at a workout class a few of us went to in the city. I knew instantly we would get a long when we discussed in-depth that night the importance of holding a day job while blogging. She honestly is one of the most motivated girls I know, and you just gotta re-spect! You know what I mean?

Grace heads up social media for our ever-favorite Baublebar plus she just relaunched her blog, The Stripe (previously Stripes & Sequins)! I love following Grace because she covers all facets of life – from style to beauty to DIY, Grace has. you. covered.

From Grace’s go-to nail polish color to favorite New York City restaurant, get a peek into Grace’s favorite things! Be sure to follow along with Grace on Instagram, Facebook and her newly launched website TheStripe.com! Xo. Lauren

Grace Atwood

Name: Grace Atwood

Title: Founder of the Stripe // Director of Social for Baublebar

Neighborhood: Gramercy

Grace Atwood Style

1. Nail Polish Color:

Right now it’s Nails Inc. in Porchester Square. The polish stays on forever and it’s the perfect “griege” – it looks good on everyone!

2. Favorite Restaurant:

It has to be Almond! It’s in my neighborhood and is so good. I go all. the. time. 

3. Currently Watching:

The Good Wife! I’m completely addicted.. I watched three seasons during my week off between Christmas and New Years.. embarrassing!


4.  Bucket List:

I want to spend at least a full month traveling…I feel like you need to travel that long to fully relax. On my list: Istanbul (to see the Grand Bazaar), Croatia (such beautiful cliffs and beaches), and back to the Greek Islands! I went 5 years ago and it was incredible.

5. Currently Reading:

The Art of Stillness by Pico Iver. The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere (TED Books) I need to learn how to do nothing!

Grace Atwood NYC Blogger

6. Coffee Table Staple:

An old issue of Rtiz Paris’ magazine, Cathy Horyn’s book of fashion illustrations, a huge stack of magazines, and my Aether cone speaker.

Grace Atwood Home Tour

7. Top Three Beauty Products:

Ohhh that’s so hard! I would say Tata Harper’s Elizir Vitae (it evens my skin tone, prevents wrinkles and is not toxic). I also love Bite Beauty’s Lip Mask in Smashed (solo hydrating and imparts a sheer red shine). Last but not least, eyelash extensions! Not an actual product but an obsession of mine! I go to Ebenezer in Koreatown.

8. Motto:

This one comes from Steve Martin…”Be so good they can’t ignore you!”

Grace Atwood Blogger

9. On Repeat:

Riptide! I play it over and over again on Spotify.

10. Scent:

So my “scent” for the past year or so has been Le Labo’s Santal 33. I love it so much. I recently tried Mister Marvelous by Byredo. It’s meant to be a men’s fragrance but smells incredible on.

11. When I’m not working I’m.. working out, hanging with friends or watching TV/movies with my cat! I lead a fascinating life.

Grace Atwood Baublebar

12. Currently Obsessed With:

Ginger tea. I have like, 5 cups a day!

13. Best Advice You’ve Ever Received: 

Keep your head down and work hard!

Grace Atwood The Stripe

14. What is your advice to women who are trying to start their own business or passion project?

Treat it like a business and not a hobby. You may feel like you are working two full time jobs at once (I still do) but it will be worth it in the end.

15. What’s On Your Bar Cart: 

A stack of books, my Swarovski encrusted Kaboodle (a gift from the brand and my obsession – it holds my most favorite craft supplies), vodka, bourbon, and several bottles of Pinot Noir and Veuve Clicquot!

Lydia Hudgens Photography

14 Jan 2015

Coffee Talk With Sue De Chiara of The Zhush

Today I’m excited to share my latest Coffee Talk feature with Sue from the Zhush! I have been following Sue long before I even started a blog. You can find so much great design inspiration over on her site + she has her own online boutique with numerous stylish products! Insert this coffee mug, these leopard picture frames, and this monogrammed pillow. Love!

Sue and her family recently moved into a new house in Connecticut. From bold wallpaper to brass hardware, I love all of the stylish details Sue incorporated into her home. My favorite rooms have to be the Kitchen for how airy and bright it is as well as her blue and white oh-so-preppy bathroom. Let’s get right down to it – shall we?



1. What inspired you this time around when designing your new home? 

I was inspired a lot by the beautiful New England surroundings, what I think of as pretty, preppy, and traditional style.

2. What are some of your favorite home decor items that you brought with you? 

The three colorful silhouettes of my kids and my endless scented candle collection. The silhouettes are by Carter Kuster and you can order through Jonathan Adler. My favorite candles are by Diptyque, Jo Malone and Cire Trudon.

3. What were some of your must-haves? 

Beautiful ART! And I still want more…

4. Must-Have Coffee Table Books:

I adore the Hermes book, the Big Book of Chic, Beauty At Home by Arein Lauder & and Tory Burch: In Color.. Really too many to name!


5. Did you encounter any new fabric obsessions? 

I’m currently curshing on Brunschwig and Fils Les Touches. Fortunately, it’s a wallpaper so lots of options!






6.  As you know, I frequently visit CT! What are some of your favorite restaurants? 

We love Sole in New Canaan and in my former town of Northern West Chester, we love the Inn at Pound Ridge.

7. What is one of your favorite things you learned when working with Muse Interiors

I learned really how to mix it up. Specifically when it comes to metal finishes – mixing a brass faucet and handles with a stainless steel kitchen. It doesn’t all have to match to be beautiful!

8. What was one of the biggest challenges you faced when designing your new home? 

It was really hard to get all of our “old stuff” to fit right.. we’re still working on this in some of the rooms!

9. Did you have a color scheme you kept in mind? 

I mostly gravitate towards whites and neutrals. When I think of color, I like blue and white. That is my comfort zone!



10. I absolutely love the bold wallpaper choices in the bathroom. Was it hard to come to a final decision for the small spaces?

The small spaces are actually my favorite to decorate. When I got stuck on a wallpaper choice, I went straight to Pinterest for more visual inspiration.



Photos by Nicole Cohen

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25 Nov 2014

Coffee Talk With Carly Heitlinger of the College Prepster

Today I’m so excited to have a little Coffee Talk my friend Carly of the College Prepster! I have loved getting to know Carly ever since I moved to New York. She is super genuine, her dog is the (freaking) cutest, she’s one of my most motivated blogger friends and of course, she is fun to be around! Today Carly shares her favorite interior design tips and tricks, wardrobe staples and more! Be sure to follow along on Carly’s adventures on Instagram & on her site, CollegePrepster.com.
Madewell Jeans

1. College Prepster’s Top 3 Interior Design Tips & Tricks

  • Fresh flowers can spruce up even the most boring little corner. My apartment always feels so much more put together when I have flowers in every nook and cranny.
  • I think taking your time to buy what you love instead of trying to do things all at once will ensure that you trulylove your space! Plus your style changes over time so you won’t be stuck with a fully decorated space you’ve already outgrown.
  • I love using shoes as decorations. They look great on a stack of books and free up an extra slot in your shoe rack for another pair!

Gallery Wall Inspiration


< Carly’s apartment pictured above. How cute is her gallery wall around her TV and bookshelf? Note to self. I need to do this. >

2. Go-to Nail Polish Color This Season: I’ve been wearing Essie Take It Outside almost non-stop. It looks great with every holiday outfit!

3. Wardrobe Staple: My closet is filled with little black dresses. Perfect for every single occasion and solves the “OMG what should I wear problem”!

4. Bar Cart Essentials: I switch up my bar cart based on my different needs, but a cake stand is always a good idea. It’s perfect for adding height to the bar cart!

5. Must-Have Coffee Table Books or Coffee Table StaplesKate Spade Places to Go, People to SeeIMPACTRowing Blazers.

College Prepster apartment

6. Best Piece of Advice You’ve Ever Received: Take things as they come, one step at a time.

7. Currently ReadingI am Malala

8. Favorite trick to enhance your small space: If I had my way, I would do wall to wall, floor to ceiling built in bookshelves. For now, I’ll settle for bookcases in every room (no such thing as too many books.)

9. Must-try Brunch Spot: Maison Kayser is my favorite place. The food is great, the cappuccinos are delicious, and the waiters wear stripes!

Target Bookshelf

10. Motto: Live Your Dreams.

11. If you could travel anywhere in a moments notice, where would you go? Paris– I’m dying to go!

12. On Repeat: Taylor Swift’s 1989… I can’t help it; it’s just too, too good. Bravo, Taylor.

5 Nov 2014

Coffee Talk With Interior Designer Gary McBournie

Today I’m sitting down with interior designer Gary McBournie as part of my coffee talk series! If you haven’t had a chance to see some of Gary’s work, take a peep at his website to check out some of his projects here. Insert: a Nantucket Cottage? YES. A luxury motor yacht? Sign me up. His projects have been featured everywhere from House Beautiful to Traditional Home. You can also pick up his very own design book “Living Color: A Designer Works Magic With Traditional Interiors.”

I loved interviewing Gary and hope you enjoy this week’s coffee talk feature!! Be sure to follow along with Gary McBournie’s design adventures on both Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy! Xo. Lauren

Gary McBournie at home

Top 3 Interior Design Tips & Tricks 

Develop a Floor Plan: A floor plan is simply a measured drawing of the space that allows you to play with furniture size and placement. It’s so worth spending some time with a measuring tape and a graph paper before investing in fine furniture that ultimately may not be suited for the space.

Get the “envelope” right: One of my biggest challenges is convincing clients to focus on the envelope. Furnishings are only part of the puzzle. You need to consider floor type and color, the texture of the walls and ceilings. In addition, architectural details such as moldings, cornices, and castings. Sometimes gutsier baseboards, door casings, and window trims are exactly what is needed to give a room the desired details.

Pick a starting point for your palette: Try to find one special thing that inspires you. It could be anything from a piece of art to a pattern of fabric to the view just outside the windows. Choose three to five colors and don’t be intimidated! Some of the colors may only show up in a pillow or a trim as accents.

Bathroom designs from Gary McBournie

Your favorite mistake you’ve learned from

The biggest thing I have learned about mistakes is not to panic. With a little bit of thought, most mistakes can be corrected – paint colors can be adjusted, furniture can be moved from room to room, and carpets can be amended to adjust size. Every once in a while, I find that a “mistake” pushes me in a direction that results in a better room.

Dining Room Concepts and Designs From Gary McBournie

Go-to Paint Color

The color palette for my projects is always changing but I do have a tendency to work in blues – anything from a deep navy to a delicate pale blue. Palladian Blue from Bejamin Moore has shown up in several of my personal projects. I like it because it evokes of old world familiarity.

Must-have coffee table book or coffee table staples

When buying books for clients, I try to focus on their lives and interests. Being a designer, I also like to work in some art, design and lifestyle books. The must haves for me are: “The French Riviera: In the 1920’s” and any other wonderful books published by Assouline. “Cicil Beaton – Portraits and Profiles” because of his unique way of capturing the ’30’s, ’40’s, and ’50’s. “The Light of Paris“, “The Light of London” and “The Light of New York” which all contain amazing black and white photographs.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received

“Start your own business!” While I was perfectly happy working for my former boss, I was probably the last person to recognize that it was time to spread my wings and fly. I did so wih much trepidation but it hsa opened up a world for me that I had only dreamed about.

Currently Reading

I’m re-reading “Billy Baldwin Decorates” for the umpteenth time. His work always provides me with new inspiration.

Cocktail of Choice

Dirty martini with Grey Goose and olives, straight up.


“Guilt is a wasted emotion.”

Go-to way to enhance a small space

Painting the trim and walls in the same color can help make the space feel larger. I also like to insert things that have a reflective quality such as mirrors, collections of framed prints or objects.

Nautical Living Room by Gary McBournie

 Source: Gary McBournie