12 Oct 2016

10 Products From Makeup For Ever


When it comes to my beauty routine, I have it nailed down. I’ve tried numerous brands at this point and know what works and doesn’t work well for my skin. However when it comes to makeup, I’m honestly not as good when it comes to the best of the best in products. I have certain products in my makeup bag that I’ve used for years. The new goodies only make their way in through word-of-mouth through my close girlfriends. So when one of my best friends started telling me about a few of the products she was using from Makeup For Ever, I had to try it out!

The top products she recommended to me include the HD high definition pressed powder ($36 dollars) and the Ultra HD Fluid Foundation ($43 dollars). From what I hear, this pressed powder is basically in every makeup artist’s makeup bag. It’s silky, lightweight and totally undetectable, helping seal in makeup all day. The Ultra HD foundation creates a naturally flawless complexion. A bit on the heavier side for me, I think I’ll use this for special events.

The other must-buy products I’ve come across from makeup forever is the mist & fix product ($14 dollars). This universal setting spray locks in makeup for over 12 hours and keeps it looking freshly applied. I personally love this product as it helps my makeup looking fresh even after a long day at work. Last but not least, the Makeup For Ever Aqua cream in #13 ($28 dollars) is a GEM. What I love most about the aqua cream is that it’s waterproof, crease-proof and helps you achieve a shimmery glow! Plus it’s super versatile, you can use it as a eye shadow, cheek highlighter or even on  your lips. Done and done. Shop the best of Makeup For Ever products below!

The Best of Makeup For Ever 



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8 Jul 2016

Stealing Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Beauty Products For Summer

Have you ever found yourself getting sucked into YouTube beauty or makeup tutorials? The other weekend when I was browsing online, I some how came across this Kim Kardashian video tutorial on strobing with her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. First off, do you think strobing is the new contouring?

Anywho, one thing lead to another and soon enough I had watched more Kim Kardashian make up tutorials than I’d like to admit. So given I did so much research on her make up/beauty routine, I thought it was only fair to share the wealth with you guys.

I’m a big, big fan of achieving a natural “glow” during summer so I actually thought some of the products that Mario Dedivanovic recommended during the various tutorials we’re great. I was also pleasantly surprised that I already had a good amount of these products in my make up bag (celebs, their just like us!). Here’s what I already own and what I’ll be purchasing (most likely during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!).

What I Own

Anastasia’s ‘Brow Wiz’ pencil and Contour Kit. I use both pretty much every day I wear make up. The contour kit is great (only $40 dollars) and lasts for weeks!

Benefit’s ‘Watt’s up!’ highlighter – hello, strobing! The video tutorial I linked above actually gave me some good tips on some new ways to use this highlighter.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder. This is a great powder to help set your make up for the day. I also love the little shimmer.

Peach blush is one of my favorites way to give my cheeks a little color during the summer. I’ve had this Nars hot sand/laguna blush and bronzer duo for years.

On My Radar 

 The number one product I want to add to my make up bag is this Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick (in Honey Bunny). Of course the shade that is shared in the video tutorial is sold out on Sephora, but there are plenty of other color options to choose from.

Tom Ford nude lipsticks. Throughout numerous articles and videos, Kim shares how her and Mario like to stick to a “nude’ shade when it comes to lipsticks and more often than not, they actually mix different colors.

I think it’s well known by now that the Kardashian’s love Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation. I typically don’t love heavy foundations but definitely willing to try this for special occasions.

Charlotte Tillbury’s ‘Luxury Palette’ is right up my alley. I love mixing various shades of brown for nights out on the town.

Also from Charlotte Tillbury’s line, the ‘Lip Cheat’ Re-size and re-shape lip liner was also used in the video tutorial with Mario. I have to be honest, I never ever use lip liner but because this is so nude I’d be willing to test it out.

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1 May 2016

Skincare Line I’m Loving: Tammy Fender


I recently was introduced to holistic skincare brand Tammy Fender and NEED to tell you guys all about it! If you’re just checking in for the first time on my blog, I have to let you know that skin care is a little hobby of mine. I love testing new products to see which ones I continue to use and which ones I can live without! So when Tammy Fender’s team reached out to me I was so excited to try her line as I’m not as familiar with the organic skin care space. I’m sure I will get more familiar as time goes on so that can be a whole other blog post for another day but I knew Tammy’s line had to be good as GOOP listed it as one of the best organic and natural skin care lines – and whatever Gwyneth says, goes! Right?

Anywhoo, I tried a few of Tammy Fender’s products and wanted to get these all natural, ultra-holistic, made-with-care products on your guys’ radar ASAP because I’m officially a convert. You know when you try a new product for the first time, you can tell if the ingredients are going to agree with your skin? For some reason, scent and the weight of a cream or moisturizer is important to me. As I’ve mentioned numerous times on here, hydration is one of my biggest skin care challenges so typically heavier creams work better for my skin type. Insert: Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm ($130 dollars). I’ve been applying this balm morning and night have seen a noticeable difference. My skin isn’t ask pink/red even given the cooler temps we have been experiencing here in New York and all around looks clearer! Before I apply the balm, I have also been using Tammy’s Quintessential Serum. Now this stuff is made of magic – it’s one of the thickest serums I have tried to-date so I know it’s deeply moisturizing!!

What I love most about Tammy’s line is that she uses 100 percent botanical formulas that are created to purify, protect and enrich your skin to deliver visible and nourishing results. Below are 5 different products I have been using on the reg. What I highly recommend (and could be a great Mother’s Day Gift as well) is Tammy’s Travel Kit for Sensitive/Dry Skin. With this kit you’ll be able to test a wide variety of her best products and and trust me, you’ll never look back. I’m officially a Tammy Fender fan girl, cult follower – you name it – and seriously can’t wait to visit her spa the next time I’m in West Palm Beach! For more details and product information visit TammyFender.com.

Tammy Fender



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17 Apr 2016

My Top 20 Travel Beauty Essentials

You know this girl loves her skin care so today I’ve rounded up my 20 travel beauty essentials!! I have a few beach getaways coming up in a few weeks so I like to make sure I have my favorite products fully in stock. There’s nothing worse than getting to a new location and running out of a product you literally use every day. Let’s break it down, shall we?

If I had to pick my 5 must-purchase items from today’s post it would be: Dermalogica’s Eye Serum and Ultra Soothing Eye Cream. Ever since I worked with Dermalogica over a year ago, I’ve been hooked on their line. I recently tried Clinique’s Moisture Surge moisturizer and am also hooked. I know I’ve blogged about my skin challenges before but my number one issue is hydration so I’m very picky about what moisturizer I use. I’ve obviously have tried multiple brands and this one has made it’s way into rotation. The fourth product I would say is a must-buy and I kinda freak out when I run out of it is Ole Herikson’s Vitamen C Collagen Booster. I use it twice a day before I apply my moisturizer and sun screen (I like to use a separate sun screen that’s not already included in a moisturizer or other skin care product). Last but not least, the fifth product I would say is a must-buy from today’s roundup is Caudalie’s detox overnight oil. I like to apply on top of my moisturizer at night for a little extra moisture. I started using Caudalie’s line back in 2013/2014 after some guy at Sephora sold me on it and I have been using it ever since. I can’t live without the stuff!

A few of my other current travel essentials include: face wipes (always a life saver when you don’t want to wash your face or after a long day of basking in the sun). Dry shampoo because you never know how hotel water will effect your hair. Jo Malone Perfume (the 1 oz. size is perfect for travel). SK-II face mask (just in case you need an extra boost of hydration after your flight). I am obsessed with Nar’s mini blush and bronzer travel compact as well as Naked’s mini eye shadow palette. I’m pretty much a fan of anything mini that will help save room in my make up bag / carry on!

What are some of your travel skin care essentials? You can shop the entire post below!