1 Mar 2017

4 Tips I learned From a Sisley-Paris Spa Skincare Expert


The other week I had a chance to visit the Sisley-Paris Spa located at the one and only iconic Carlyle Hotel on the Upper East Side. Not only did I love visiting the hotel during my visit, I absolutely loved my facial!! I was so excited when the Sisley-Paris team asked me to visit their location on the Upper East Side as it’s one of the most prestigious cosmetic brands in the world. Their products are extremely high quality and the brand is built on a history of phytocosmetology. Any time I have a chance to visit a world renowned spa, I always ask 100 questions to my aesthetician. There’s nothing like asking an expert for their secret skin care tips and tricks and boy, did I pick up a few this last visit!  In case you are curious, I went with their Phyto-Aromatic Replumping Youth Facial with Rose. It’s 80 minutes of pure heaven.

Below I highlighted 4 of my favorite skincare tricks I learned from a Sisley-Paris Spa Skincare Expert!

Double Cleansing Is A Must

So my mom and I talk about this all the time. Any time I wash my face once, it never completely gets rid of all of the dirt and makeup. So we have both been using Nutragena face wipes either before or after cleansing. After speaking with my aesthetician, she highly recommended double cleansing. I started to incorporating this mostly at night and have noticed a huge difference! Sometimes I will still use a face wipe after the second time and there is hardly as much makeup on the towel. So I have to admit, I’m an official convert to double cleansing. P.s. never wash your face with hot water!

Treat Your Skin To A Mini-Facial with Ice Cubes 

Ok, this was my favorite tip I learned during my visit. Do you ever wake up puffy? I hate this and mostly occurs after a few glasses of wine the night before. Any who, all you have to do is get 1-2 ice cubs and message your face until they start to melt. Not only will it give your face a healthy and dewy glow, the cubes will help to smooth out your complexion, ease wrinkles, fight acne and promote blood circulation that will help heel blemishes. For an added “ahh” to this spa-inspired treatment, try freezing your cubes with watermelon, lemon, or rose.

Winter Temperatures Call For Hydrating Face Masks

If you’re anything like me, these cold winter temperatures make your skin extra dry. As a result, us girls need hydrating face masks to combat the cold! Throughout my visit to the spa, my aesthetician applied numerous products based on my skin challenges. My favorite product that was a must-buy was the Black Rose Cream Mask. She recommended applying the mask before bed or even on flights.

Exfoliating Is Key For Clear Skin

Last but not least, exfoliating is KEY for clear skin. Not only is this true for your face but also for your body. My aesthetician recommended getting a natural scrub that you can apply before you shower and rinsing. I need to exfoliating back in to my skincare routine asap!

My Favorite Sisley-Paris Skincare Products

Sisley Black Rose Cream Masque | Black Rose Precious Face Oil Anti-Aging Nutrition | Sisley Botanical Floral Toning Lotion | Sisley Supremya Eyes at Night The Supreme Anti-Aging Eye Serum | Sisley All Day All Year Essential Anti-Aging Day Care


Do you guys have any skincare tips and tricks you’ve picked up along the way? I would love to hear them in the comment section below! Xo. Lauren


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